Grant Information

INDIVIDUAL APPLICANTS (Download Application Here)
Individuals must submit their Grant Applications with any further information the applicant believes appropriate. Evidence of financial and medical need must be documented.  The tax returns for the last two years and the doctor’s letter are required.  Sources of other funding, either received or sought, should also be listed.  Individuals need not seek the sponsorships or endorsement of any public or private entity before applying for grants from the Foundation.  Two estimates are required for each request.  Grant application deadlines are April 1 and October 1.


INSTITUTIONAL APPLICANTS (Download Application Here)
All institutional grant recipients must document that the grant funds are used to the extent practical to benefit children from the Town of Marshfield and children.  Institutional applicants must submit an Institutional Grant Application with additional requested information as below:

  1. A brief description of the background and purpose of the organization making the proposal.
  2. A list of members of the board of directors or trustees; names and qualifications of the officers; a list of staff positions.
  3. Evidence of the tax-exempt status of the organization; i.e., a copy of the organization’s federal (IRS) tax status ruling letter.
  4. A Clear and comprehensive description of the project and an explanation of its significance to the Town or Marshfield or Plymouth County.  Explain what it will accomplish, why it is import, and why it should be given priority in the competition for funds.  Include a definition of the area served, both geographically and demographically.
  5. A detailed budget for the project justifying the amount of money requested; if the request is for operating or programmatic support, a projected budget of the organization should be submitted.
  6. A Form 990 and audited financial statement for the most recent fiscal year.
  7. A statement of other possible sources of funding, private and public, including an explanation of the efforts made to secure such funding, and a statement of funds that have already been secured.
  8. A statement of agreement to report on the results of the project and on the expenditure of grant funds.


All applications should be mailed to:
Sandra Sheiber
Executive Director
Edwin Phillips Foundation
PO Box 610075
Newton Highlands, MA 02461-0075

Only one proposal may be submitted at a time.  If a grant is not awarded, applicants may reapply one year after the date of decision on a previous proposal.  Grants are normally made for one year only.  When the circumstances justify it, however, a commitment may be made for support for two or more years.


April 1  and  October 1

email us at


Applications are due on April 1st and October 1st.

Please note: This foundation functions only in Plymouth County Massachusetts.